Hi! I'm Penney Murphy


Hi!  I’m Penney.

I woke up the other morning and realized I was 59.

Holy $%^#!

I’ve had a ‘Tony Tiger G-r-r-r-eat’ life
but there’s still so much more I want to do.  

This wasn’t my first Holy $%^#! moment and it probably won’t be my last.

The first time it happened I was smack dab in the middle of a very successful Radio Broadcasting career.  They were heady days.  Working the morning show with my handsome husband.  It was a whole lot of fun, I got to meet amazing people, had my face on billboards, the money was good and my ego loved the attention.  smile  A big fish in a little pond.

But…there was a little voice inside of me that kept asking “Is this as good as it gets?”.  The more I tried to ignore that voice the louder it got. 

It was confusing.  I was having fun, life was good.  ‘What’s the matter with me’ I thought, ‘Why can’t I just be satisfied?’.

Well, the truth is I was bored.  I needed to stretch.  I needed to grow.  I needed to learn. 
I needed a change.  The only problem was radio was all I knew.   

So what did I do?  I did what anybody would do.  I ignored it.  If I didn’t think about it, it would go away.  Right?

And then it happened.  

Say Yes!

Holy $%^#!
I woke up one morning in July and I was 35.  

I had two choices.  Settle for good enough and do nothing.  Or do something and change my life.  

It was a rough summer.  I had a war raging in my head.  The soft voice that had been with me for so long kept saying ‘this could be exciting’,  ‘you can do it’, ‘you’ll figure it out’, ‘it’ll be okay’, ‘trust yourself’.  But then a louder voice would shout ‘who do you think you are?’, ‘you’re going to fail’, ‘you’ll be a laughing stock’, ‘it’s too risky’, ‘you’ll never do it’.

I’m guessing by now you know which voice I listened to and what choice I made.  

In September, at age 35, I started University.  I completed 3 Degrees (two of them while still working on the radio).  And then I started a Counselling business with zero experience. That was 15 years ago and the business is still going strong. 

It has been exciting and terrifying, stressful and joyous, overwhelming and empowering.  I said ‘Yes’ to an extraordinary life…but most importantly I said ‘Yes’ to myself.  

And as you might have guessed…that soft voice is once again whispering to me.  Telling me to stretch, to grow, to learn and to share my experience so that others can say ‘Yes’ to themselves.  

Cheers to your Extraordinary Life.

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